Alternatives to Valentine’s Day Roses

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Alternatives to Valentine’s Day Roses

Alternatives to Valentine’s Day Roses

Budget Roses

Not everyone has excessive amounts of money to spend this Valentine’s Day plus we have all been affected by the recession. Why not try an alternative option and look for cheaper ways to show your sweetheart that they are loved?

  • Firstly your local florist is likely to have some great deals on so do your research and check them out.
  • Enquire about other types of flower arrangements with a good card.
  • Purchase a single rose as it gives the same effect and a single red rose still carries gravitas
  • The supermarkets are currently offering competitive prices on roses and courier delivery so order early to avoid disappointment and an expensive delivery payment. Roses must be ordered by at least by 12th February!
  • You can make a 6€ budget bunch of roses look like a bouquet Mariah would be proud to receive. Get creative. Purchase luxurious looking wrapping and clasp with red ribbon to form a bow – she’ll be none the wiser.

Another ideas

  • Silk are quite a good option as they create less mess and you can order in advance as they don’t need preserving. If you prefer real petals, its best to purchase them closer to Valentine’s day so that they are fresh and still fragrant without crusty edges.
  • For a romantic love in at home consider all the places you can use rose petals! Be creative and use your imagination! If you’re having dinner at home, sprinkle some of those babies on the table before lighting the candles for a romantic candlelit dinner.
  • Scatter rose petals in the hallway as a trail for your sweetheart to find her present.
  • Cover the bed with rose petals and just to step it up a notch, light candles all round the room and have a bottle of chilled wine waiting on the bed stand.
  • The final touch is to light candles positioning them all around the bath. Set the bath with light bubbles and sprinkle the rose petals in the bath, this is such a romantic move and will please your partner no end. When your lover enters the door they won’t know what hit them!

Whatever you do this Valentine’s day – say it with love and affection.

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