Flowers for Valentines

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Flowers for Valentines

Flowers for Valentines

Very few people fail to appreciate the beauty behind flowers. Their soft petals and sweet fragrance make them a delightful addition to any home. They also make excellent gifts of love.

Valentine’s Day without flowers would not be the same. Given the history of valentine, flowers are perhaps the longest serving symbol of love. Giving a lady a rose or carnation is still as romantic and sweet as it was a thousand years ago. If you’re planning your valentine without flowers included then you should seriously reconsider. Just as Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a Christmas tree, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be half as special without flowers.

Flowers are a classic and simple way of telling your loved one that you care. They say “I love you” in ways that chocolates or a bow wrapped iPod simply cannot. With their delicate structure and vibrant colors flowers do not just brighten the environment; they brighten the mind of the person who receives them as well.

Choosing a flower for valentine will depend on the message which you wish to pass across. Flowers like humans have various innate personalities and choosing the right one is important. The type of flower you choose will reflect the message which you wish to pass across to the receiver. Different flowers will thus be perfect for different people.

For instance, a red rose is one of the most passionate flowers that can be given as a gift. Red in most flowers is interpreted and viewed to represent passion. Because of this, red roses are perhaps the most common flowers that are presented during the valentine holiday. Yellow flowers on the hand are used to represent hope and happiness and are given to people who are cheerful and brave. There are however different other types of colors and flowers that can be given. The following are some of the other popular choices people make for valentine and the reason why they pick them.

Tulips: In the world of Flowers a tulip would easily be Elizabeth Taylor. As a result of their personality, Tulips make excellent gifts for person who is glamorous. They tell your loved one that you find them remarkable and highly irresistible. If you wish to convey this message to your girlfriend then Tulips should be your obvious choice.

Orchids: Orchids are the best flower choice if the person who you intend to give it is mysterious, adventurous, wild and exotic. Orchids are also very common choices during valentine and every woman appreciates the simple beauty of this flower.

Daises: If you would describe your loved one as a caring, sentimental and sweet person, then including daises in your bouquet will tell her this. They make the perfect valentine flower and will not fail to thrill your girlfriend.

Flowers carry a secret message of love that your loved one cannot fail to hear. But just to ensure that they do understand how much you care, be sure to include a note alongside your flowers. It might include a written poem or a repeated quote. It might be a short message which you want to give. Or it might simply be those three words which signify your willingness to share your life right next to her.

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