Valentines Day Bouquets

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Valentines Day Bouquets

Valentines Day Bouquets

Every year, millions of people, pluck, buy or order flowers and have these sent to their various loved ones. Unless you’re willing to consider breaking with a five hundred year tradition, you should consider giving your loved one some flowers on Valentine’s Day.

A gift of flowers says so much to the person who receives it. It shows that you care and that you are thinking about them. Flowers are beautiful and sweet smelling and having one in the home will not fail to lift the moods of the people around. Giving flowers is also one of the most romantic things that you can do. It says “I love you” much louder than most gifts can. The decision of which flower to give your loved one, is not a particularly difficult one. There are many available valentine day bouquets which you can buy. However, if you’re still trying to decide on which bouquet to get, the following are some of the top valentine day bouquet choices.

Roses : There is no surprise that roses lead the pack of romantic bouquets. Many songs and poems have been sung and written about the beauty and grace that a rose is found to possess. Roses are not only breathtakingly beautiful, they also smell really sweet and feel really soft against their skin. They can thus be admired for their beauty or used even further as adornments in bedrooms, sitting rooms and even bath tubs. Although most people are familiar with the red rose there are many other varieties available. There are as much as 150 variations of roses today. You can choose from a wide range of colors or simply present a bouquet consisting of all the major colors. It doesn’t really matter what you do. Roses are a winning option every time. Your loved one will most certainly be pleased.

Carnations : Roses aren’t the only flower that people have come to love. Carnations vie for a close second. Many people, particularly women find carnations to be romantic and beautiful. This is partly because of their almost feminine look and wide variety in colors. For people who wish to buy flowers, carnations offer a much cheaper option to the highly priced rose without sacrificing much by way of qualify or effect. If you consider a bouquet made out of carnations you would not be far off.

Lilies : The story of lilies is a simple one—classic and elegant. The simple beauty of lilies never fails to thrill when presented as a gift. Lilies can also be given alongside other presents. You can opt to give your loved one a bouquet of lilies alongside a box of chocolates or some other gift. Their presence will make your gift even classier. They also will make them a lot more colorful. Lilies can be given as single bouquets or mixed alongside other flowers.

Tulips : Finally, Tulips are yet another effective way of expressing your valentine feelings to your partner or spouse. Their elegance and simplicity make them an appealing addition to any bouquet or gift pack. Like other flowers, Tulips are available in more than one color and so the final bouquet will be as vibrant as your message is. Choose between red and pink shades and boost the passion levels of your valentine message even higher.

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