Valentines Day Rose Petals

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Valentines Day Rose Petals

rose petals

Rose petals are a rather appealing addition to spice things up by utilising them as decoration and to create the mood. Fragrant, colourful and velvety smooth to the touch, Valentine’s day rose petals are readily available to buy this Valentine’s day.

Silk are quite a good option as they create less mess and you can order in advance as they don’t need preserving. Freeze dried rose petals are available if you need to purchase a little before Valentine’s day, they are useful as they sustain the colour and texture. If you prefer fresh and real petals, its best to purchase them closer to Valentine’s day so that they are new and still scented without crusty brown edges.

  • For a romantic love in at home consider all the places you can use rose petals! Be creative and use your imagination!
  • If you’re having dinner at home, sprinkle some of those babies on the dining table before lighting the candles for a romantic candlelit dinner.
  • Scatter rose petals in the hallway as a trail for your sweetheart to find her present.
  • Cover the bed with rose petals. It can be a sensual and intoxicating experience to get into bed and have the scent of rose petals on the sheets and your warm skin. And just to step it up a notch, light candles all round the room and have a bottle of chilled wine waiting on the bed stand to ignite passion.
  • Another lovely touch is to light candles positioning them all around the bath. Set the bath with light bubbles and sprinkle the rose petals in the bath, this is such a romantic move and will please your partner no end. When your lover enters the door they won’t know what hit them!
  • Create mini soap bars with rose petals by dipping individual petals into glycerine soap. Melt the soap then add a few drops of perfumed oil. Using a pair of tweezers, dip the petals into the soap take it out and leave on a sheet of aluminium foil to dry and harden. They can then be placed by the side of the sink or bath in a decorated bowl.
  • Sprinkle Valentine’s day rose petals in your lover’s card so that when they open the envelope the scent of fragrant petals engulf them.
  • Use some of the petals as the packing to your present wrap.
  • Scatter rose petals on your lovers’ pillow to kindle sweet dreams.
  • Have your lovers name printed on each individual rose petal tie a handful in a pouch bag and leave them in her clothes drawers. When she discovers the sweet smelling bags of rose petals she’ll be over the moon!

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